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Langit Malam.

langit kelam malam ini,
kelam bagai hati yang terusik.
kata dia,
kali ini kali yang muktamad.
tapi kali ini,
malam ini dia mungkir lagi.
hati dah tak mampu untuk berpilu.
perasaan sudah tandus.
terbang, melayang, entah ke mana.
aku ingat lagi.
malam semalam.
langit malam benderang,
penuh dengan cahaya kejora.
dia berjanji sehidup semati.
   2014.01.10 - 00:55

Awesome Movie.

This time, it's One Day.
Seriously guys, you must watch it.
You can found them online, even on youtube.
I read the book in my college year.
So, when i found the movie.
I jumped with excite, literally.
You know, when a book brought forward and be filmed it always dissapoint me. The biggest dissapointment, well of course. Harry Potter.
You read some stuff, and they were so good and when it was televised,
You surely expect the same good stuff. But it turned out, well, displeasing.
But, this One Day.
It so awesome, i'm being lil bit biased here because the main lead were both my favourite. Jim Sturgess and Anne Hathaway. Waddup?
Okay, i won't be telling abt the story this time.
Because it is so frustating.
It gives you hope, and in the same time, make you down.
And they expect us to face the reality,
when what they been shown to us was hope all along.
Come on. I am trying to fit in the reality, but after watching this.
I feel more insecured. I can't give my all to some ppl.
I don't think i can take the risk to lean on just one person at my whole life.
In simple word, this movie makes me feel more scared being in relationship,
Makes me being scared to take things to another level.
I watch the first half of this story abt a month ago,
But because i'm scared to reach the point where the heroin will eventually die, i only watch the other half today.
I am so fucking insecured, scared. Am i?
I am a freak. I know that.
Ohh, but guys.
You totally have to watch One Day. :)
Nevertheless what i blabber about.
It's me who we talking about.
I talk gibberish.
Like all the time.
Cheerio. ;D

Cheer !

I'm such a happy girl!
Remember, i once tell i were really terrible friend?
Today, i just make up with a friend.
Whom i once proclaimed were my bestfriend.
I did things i didnt proud of to her.
I gave her the silent treatment,
I were really cold towards her.
Yes, i'm such a jerk.
But, i manage to throw away all my ego,
And wallla!
I contact her back!
Weeee, i love you so much!
I dont really want to mention your name.
Because i'm still ashamed.
But if you were reading this,
you'll know its you i talk about honey.
Much love, :*