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somebody please?

malacca, i'm home :D
within few hours, i gotten for a movie, and a night view.
thanks daus duranie, es and faara for that.
hanging out really makes my heart feel a lot better thou.
i've shake you off my mind for a bit.
i know now what i should do next.
i just have to past all the memories and move on.
for that i need to be stronger.
that all i  need to be for now.
so please, wish me some luck will ya? :)

i'm doomed,

oh boy, i really miss your smell.

i really felt like this. but you'll never know, yes?

the next year,

 gosh, it horrors when i saw my archive. 6 posts for 2012. back then i post a lot. though i delete a lot too. guess 2012 is a busy year. but seriously, nothing great happen. here i am, same old, same old. or maybe been worse. this year doesn't go well. i don't keep up with those really awesome old friends, lost contact with some too, really a loss. you know, a friend is meant to keep. when you don't, the relation fades, and then only awkward comes when you met again. yea, people says friendship last forever but those comfy feelings around them doesn't last that long. it happen. back to unwell year, for the first time in diploma i failed in final. for god sake, it is already fifth semester. i felt like a complete loser. true, i see it coming but i don't expect i'll really failed. and i broke up too. that, i don't know how i suppose to react. okay stop.
 i now it only end of december, but i've make up resolution for next year! and done one of those too, -.- in a bad way. so take a view of what my next year will be :D
  • Try out new things.
  • Be stronger.
  • Came to be more confident.
  • Gets first job everr.
  • Becoming a great 21 y/o lady :)
  Okay, this sucks. i only remember one. i'll update it when i found my notebook later. See? i've listed new things :) btw, i failed for the first time, so repeating subject is sort of trying something new. there, i've done next year target. -,-
 its getting late, so till the next ideas comes. byeeeeee.

so damn true :p


yea, i still love you. i'll always do. but i guess i got to let you go.

moving on,

do you have that feeling, that you've been dissapointed everytime. and that every single time, you tried to cope with those feeling. you fight it, you deny what you know its wrong, you get faith, you trusted, you try, just to hold every in pieces. until at some point you can't anymore. you're not giving up, or losing hope. you just know that whatever you do, you still can't get what you want. he still doesn't get what you've trying to say, didn't get what you try to show. in your eyes, he simply doesn't care anymore. and then you get it, you just can't be the one. you just walk away, and move on.


great boyfriend, 
i to just wanna be acknowledged by you, 
thats it. 
nothing much rite?
so, please.


orang memang akan berubah, tak kira setegar mana pendirian dia, sedalam mana fikiran dia, dia tetap akan berubah. dah lumrah manusia akan berubah, and bila berubah tak semesti nya yang baik akan jadi jahat. bila sebut berubah mesti fikir negatif. tolong, tolong, tolong jangan berfikiran tipikal. yea, aku pun dah berubah dan aku admit bukan ke arah yang lagi baik tapi tak bermakna aku tak boleh berubah jadi lebih baik. semua ni bergantung dekat niat kita je. kalau kita berani, ambil lah risiko. berubah. depends nak jadi lebih baik atau sebaliknya. tapi sentiasa ingat dekat mana kita bertapak. jangan terus hanyut. nanti tak terdaya nak patah balik. kita boleh je berubah, zaman remaja kan? macam macam nak cuba. boleh, tapi stay on the ground. post ni, untuk ingatkan diri sendiri je act. tapi kalau renungkan bersama pun apa salahnya. aku ni pun entah bila nak patah balik. final dah nak dekat. pfft, -.-" doa jela biar hati tak benak lagi. aminn.

boy, boy, boy,

for some reasons,
i feel like one tonight.