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Heads Up

I just finished The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It’s a great book, really great. I felt like there gonna be a hole on my chest when i’m nearing the last page. It is the same feeling when I finished a countless season of drama. It close enough to the sober I had when I read Deathly Hallows, and that is big. What I’m trying to say is, I feel really close to the character. Their stories, is like they can really fit into mine. Maybe not literally, because I wasn’t been abuse by my aunt, or being called ‘blow-queen’ at my freshmen year, and I definitely not a gay. Sidenotes, you probably don’t get these, but if you try check out the book, this will make sense. I promise. The thing with Charlie is, he is weird and nerd. And so am i. I love it when he talks abt good music and great books. He really know how to appreciate life. He fill his time with lots of good stuff, with a bunch of cool friends too. Cool doesn’t mean the popular kids, the teachers pets, or so whatsoever we used to know or at least what I thought before. Charlie’s cool friends were friends that fun to be with because they enjoy being themselves. That makes them cool, they don’t have to pretend or being hipocrite at all. Maybe it just Brad who ashame on himself for being gay. I know its wrong, but I still think we should be true abt ourselves. Here i’m again, writing gibberish and stuff. In the end, I don’t know the right words for a closure. I never think that I good at one. I never really have a closure before, maybe a long talk after breakup with my ex at that one time is the closest to perfect closure. Because I still have that silly crush on him until maybe a month after that so-called closure. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve completely get over him now. So back to the book, I think starting from now I’ll finds books whenever I had a chance to do so. I want to be like Charlie, basically he never ran out of book to read. Because Bill always gave him a new one after another. I want to continuosly reading books so I can see the world from so many point of view. I can see things from many perspectives. That sound really freak doesn’t it? Haha. But I admit, sometimes I can be a freak. You just have to wait to the right time. You just have to wait.

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