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Broken Promises

Ironic isn't it? 27th, the day all of this things started and all of it ended.
It's over right now. Not that i leave you just because of revenge, but it all because of you.
You started it all. Really. I didn't mean to broke all the promises. But, it is the best thing right now.
Know that i love you. Even now and then. It just i'm not the one for you. Maybe i'm the obstacle, so i better off now. Take care of yourself. Cope in with every problem you are having right now. Yes, i want to accompany you. But i have to be selfish. I can't think for the sake of others anymore for the time being. I'm sorry for leaving you in those mess. I'm sorry leaving you with the mess. I'm truly sorry for the promises i said before. I just can't. And Faiza, thanks for all this time. Thanks for your love. I don't have any, any gut to tell you this. I can only write it at here. But when the time is right, i'll let you know how much i thank you and how much i feel sorry for you. When the time is right, i will. For now, move on and live well.
27th July 2011 - 27th September 2013

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