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I never knew, there were ppl that know abt me. Knows abt my conflict. Know abt what i'm feeling all along. And i never thought that there were ppl that really care abt me. Eventhough they never say it out loud. For that, i thanks you. I really am. I know, all this time i didn't share all my thoughts, all my problem, what have been troubling me. But despite of my paranoid act, you guys understand me enough. I never see it. I never have believed you guys were always there watching my back. I mean, seriously? We were not the best buddies, not even in the same clique. But you guys know what i suffer all this time. When i lose hope, you came and soothes. When i am afraid, you'll be there right beside me. When i'm depressed, you cheer me up. Gosh. And now, when i'm no longer around you still gave me words and courage. You give all sort of advices, you guide me to the right path. 

Well friends, i love you.
Seriously, even i know none, none of you will ever read this i still want you guys to know i am completely blessed to have you guys as my friend.
Thank you. :) 
And just so you know,
i have moved on.
Yippie yeay!

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