blog tempat untuk kita meluah rasa, mengekpresi diri, bukan mempertimbang pandangan atau cuba menjadi sesuatu yang lain. blog tempat kita menjadi asli, tempat kita menjadi diri sendiri, bukan bayangan yang khalayak agungkan.


Idk why, but i seems really into blogging back.
Maybw because i'm a freak. Or pathetic anti social adult.
I can't say anti social teenagers no more, can i? Haha.
Or maybe it just simply because i'm old fashioned to use blog.
But yeah, this place is sooo comforting.
Because no one will judge.
Because no one really cares what going on here.
I don't really need ppl to talk abt my problems.
I usually kept them, or talk abt them here.
And if i talk to you abt my problems, know that i am super duper comfy with you. :)
My idea of telling ppl abt my problem is, babble all the way either i'm hating a situation or confused or have no clue abt sth and repeatly asking them what to do. And i know, i annoy you. So much. Am i rite? Hahaha.
And sometimes, i want to talk abt my stuff with those clique from high school. Yes, mimi, aeton, ain. You guys. But, i know you will have no clue abt what i'll babble abt. So each time, i refused to consult to you guys.
But know, i still love you all the same. :*
Ughh, i gtg.
I'll continue writing this in a bit.

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  1. Babe, if there's anything just contact me. Call, text, whatsapp.
    It didn't really matter if I don't have a clue about what u saying, at least u have someone to talk to, aite?

    And babe, ilyt ♥