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The Idea

Wait, no one does really read my blog kan?
Well, so I know i'm in a safe place.
I could just have this blog privated, or block everyone from reading it.
But somehow, i wanted it to be public because honestly i want 'you' to read these.
I been thinking quite alot.
And i know this may be dumbest idea ever, probably worst because of the society we've been living in.

I decided to not getting married.

Hahahahaha. The idea of being kept by a single man,
the idea of surviving all thru tick and thin with a same man,
the idea of having his baby,
the idea of living all happily ever after.
Well, it sounds nice and before, i reallu excited abt all these stuff. But as i give it a deeper look, the deeper i found the meaning of all those ideas.
With brought me a whole lot new perspective.
How am i gonna keep myself from being sick and bored and tired of one single man for my whole life.
How am i gonna go thru tick and thin with him if i dont even wanna do it with myself.
Why must i have his baby?
My belly gonna burst, i gotta to take care babies, raising em up to be exact, i got to have responsibility for god sake.
Who am i kidding?
Its me, come on. I'm Hanna.
I still watch cartoons, and i still play around doing Kamen Rider stunts wherever i go.
I don't really fond of taking responsibility.
I don't even like kids actually.
I only like em when they are cute and stuff.
Ohh, and happily ever after?
Please, it should be stay cool with your marriage and try not getting divorced ever after.
God. I don't know whay i'm thinking before.
Thrilled by the idea of getting married.
Past me, future me are laughing my ass off to you right now.
Well, i were only thinking abt not getting married.
But we dont know what will happen right?
Maybe tomorrow i woke up and mom will say, 'Na, tahun depan kahwin'.
Haha. I'm sooo dead by then.
Crossed my finger.

   2013.11.17 - 23:49

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